Alvar Aalto Museum Extension


The proposal for the extension of the Alvar Aalto Museum and the Musem of Central Finland creates a new harmonious connection between both buildings of such a great architectural identity and importance. Based on the the organic forms of Alvar Aalto the proposal pretends to create a building which is capable of responding to the irregular shapes of the existing museums. The form of the extension, where lines and curves meet, creates a continuous envelope. It can be considered as a reinterpretation of the organic forms of Alvar Aalto.

The driving force for the proposal was the movement of the visitors between the existing buildings. A large curved ramp connects the two floors of each museum, thus allowing the visitor to gradually discover the space. A flight of stairs located near the entrance gives a more direct access to the mezzanine level (+88,920), where the main area of the extension is located. The museum shop and the reception are located in this area. Furthermore it serves as a resting place for the visitors before continuing the tour.The space can also be used as an exhibition area for both museums.

The perimeter of the main area is marked by steel columns which support the roof. The outside walls which consist of large wooden frames and glass can be considered as a reinterpretation of the vertical bands of baton-shaped, glazed tiles of the Alvar Aalto Museum. The continuity is created not only with the curved shape but also with the wall elements.

Project team:  Stefan Juhasz, Alberto Collet
Type: Public
Site: Jyväskylä, Finland
Date: 2015.10