Civic Center Villacidro


The project proposal is presented by the Municipality of Villacidro, department of Urban Planning whith in the center of the city in the province of the Medio Campidano, 50km from Cagliari In Sardinia. The project plan includes an auditorium, workshops for theatrical and theatrical activities. Furthermore, offices with specific attention to the urbanization of the urban area in an environmentally sustainable way by promoting low impact, constructive and technological solutions, in equilibrium with the surrounding landscape. Lastly the requirements included the design of a well-equipped green area, a new roadworthiness and parking system.

The concept of the project is highlighted in an enlisted plant composed of five squares. The first one defines a vegetation system conforming to orthogonal paths and access from the parking lot. The second square connects to the landscape with a natural slope. The third square is the auditorium. The fourth square contains the workshops and the fifth square a second-floor patio which leads to the building.  T

Project team: Alberto Collet, Lucas Torres Agüero
Type: International Competition
Site: Villacidro, Medio Campidano, Italy
Size: 1200 sqm
Date: 2014.10
Client: Municipality of Villacidro