Detroit Station of The Arts


The main effort was put in the preservation of the existing structure of this historical landmark of Detroit. The opportunity to transform the interior space into a a multi-functional hybrid building allowed us to experiment with different symmetrical relations and proportions.

 This process has allowed us to work on a realistic proposal in relation to a historical building. The most important modification on the ground floor is the opening in the floor of the main hall, allowing a visual relation with the basement. The ramp on the south side of the building leads from the concourse directly to the urban park on the train tracks. The roof of the southern part has been eliminated in order to create the auditorium as an volumetric extension of the existing building . It stands in a strong relationship with the old train lines, which are converted into a lineal park. The spaces are grouped matching the structural elements of the floors above. The first twelve floors of the tower contain ateliers and residences.

Project team:  Stefan Juhasz, Alberto Collet
Type: Public
Site: Detroit, USA
Date: 2015.02