Ibiza artist house

Ibiza Artist House


The project is located next to the slope of the hill establishing a harmonic dialogue with the Tower of Savinar.

The proposal relates to the concept of dispersion since it was a historical constant in this territory. The dynamic dictated by the program seeks simplicity and practicality, which leads to a revision of the Casa Rural Ibicenca. This typology is a simple and sober architecture. It starts by adding independent cubic modules articulated around a rectangular space perpendicular to the entrance, hence the main room or porxo. This layout responds to the program of a house that, at the same time, is a creative laboratory. 

The central space generates a platform that can be covered with a pergola resulting in an outwards extension of the workplace. A great  effort was put in the selection of local construction materials: dry stone, sabina beams for the roof, sand, clay and marine plants. 

The orientation to the south protects the patio from the harsh north winds. The treatment of the facades reveals a clear hierarchy between the main facade, whitewashed, and the base consisting of exposed stone. The windows have different sizes, small ones ideal for natural ventilation and  larger openings which help to establish a direct relationship with the sea as an essential source of inspiration.

Project team: Stefan Juhasz, Alberto Collet
Type: Housing
Site: Ibiza
Size: 70 sqm
Date: 2018.06