International Museum of Astronomy


Today Chile is considered one of the most scientifically developed countries in the world. It has twelve scientific research stations, five of them dedicated to tourism. This fact has led to the emergence of Astronomical Tourism in Chile, a new kind of tourism that attracts people of any age, sex or religion.

The design for the museum is composed of different bodies, each one with a specific function. The cone shaped roofs are the interpretation of the ancient Mayan observatories, one of the first ever to be built. The circular windows represent the celestial bodies, stars, planets and the craters on the moon.

The main access is located in the center of the building, separating the public area from the scientific area. The main attraction, the planetarium, is the largest volume and clearly visible from the road. 

Project team:  Stefan Juhasz, Alberto Collet
Type: Public
Site: San Pedro de Atacama,  Chile
Date: 2014.01