Stone Refuge


The project site is located in a remote region spot at approximately 15km of Güéjar Sierra in the Padules area in the southeastern part of the Vega in Granada at an altitude of about 2,000 meters. The program meets the requirements of the client who needed a second residence that he could use for established periods throughout the year. At the same time it should accommodate a multidisciplinary training space.

As a result the structure of the house is rationally composed of a larger element that contains the living room, kitchen, study, a storage room and a bedroom. The second building contains an open space for training courses and recreational activities. Furthermore it can be adapted as a welcome area for visitors. A swimming pool in the exterior completes the view on the horizon.

The two volumes are arranged around a big rock, which establishes the relationship with the surroundings. The material of the facade is exposed concrete. Not only it requires little maintenance but it also forms an interesting mimesis with the site. The aspect of sustainability in terms of resources has been a decisive factor that has influenced the design choice.

Project team:  Alberto Collet, Daniele Blasi
Type: Private Commission
Site: Güéjar Sierra, Granada, Spain
Site: 210 sqm
Date: 2016.11
Client: Private client