Interior Riva Alta House


The project of the Riva Alta house iniciated from a consultancy in the improvement of the interior space of a rural house of the Veneto countryside in a hilly area of Prosecco wine 70 km from Venice. This house has an ancient stall undergone three different types of renovation and enlargement of different over the last 20 years according to the necesity of the customer. The interior design aspect remained a point waiting to be thought of in the local tradition, looking for some points of modernity that can make the interior functional and practical. The use of materials was very important in understanding and interpreting the space inside. The study focuses mainly on the definition of the openings, the redesign of a fireplace, the new pavement created with tailor-made and hand-made curtains, the treatment of the structure wood and the configuration of the original stone walls.

Project team: Alberto Collet
Type: Private Commission. Built
Site: Solighetto, Treviso, Italy
Size: 100 smq
Date: 12.2012
Client: Private client