Urban Space Muñoz Ramonet


After the demolition of an old Factory “Taller Muñoz Ramonet” close to the Guinardó Parc in the northeast of Barcelona. It reconfigures a strategic lot for location and structural potentials in the adjacent urban context. It has been decided to create a project that can compete with the network of provisional spaces on the entire territory of the city created for the City of Barcelona. This would allow the local population to use this area shortly before a definitive project is implemented. The lot is divided into the first part of a game space with recycled structures and materials from the old factory, on the other side, the structuring of a quadriceps system of urban gardens that can be managed by cooperatives of various types active in the territory and which can implement training activities. The last part of the lot involves the reorganization of the current vegetation by using it to public parks, recreating new paths instantly, putting them safely and reestablishing terrain oreography. It is this area as the new centrality of the neighborhood in its different functional features.

Project team: Alberto Collet, Lucas Torres Agüero, Margherita Galante
Type: Public commission
Site: Barcelona, Spain
Size: 1.200 sqm
Date: 2014.10
Client: Roma Design Lab