Pavillon Villa Battaglia Spada


The project was born from a collaboration of a local association for the exploitation of Villa Battaglia Spada from a cultural point of view. This important building, located between the hills of Prosecco, is in a state of degradation and there was a strong need to recover it in a first phase through the town’s participation. The building was the scene of major events during the First World War, among which the Austrian headquarters in the front with the River Piave. The Villa with several properties is used in part for recreational activities for the Municipality of Refrontolo even if they have alternative alternatives for space improvement.

We have started on the one hand defining a cultural group to implement the diversity of cultural activities and on the other an accurate study of the building in its totality. This analysis first led to the complete redesign of the complex through a 3D accurate and in this process it was intended to constitute a temporary pavilion that can accommodate various play activities from theater, music, and children’s activities. A pavilion that can order the programmatic cultural activity developed over the years and which can acquire an important institutional character in anticipation of the total recovery of the immobile building.

Project team:Alberto Collet
Type:Private Commission
Site:Refrontolo, Treviso, Italy
Size:70 sqm
Client:Private client