Mas Marés is an abandoned rural country house in the north-eastern part of Catalonia. It is located 2km from Roses in the natural park area of Cap de Creus. The objective of this project was the complete restoration of the house and its integration in the new winery. There are approximately 50 acres of vines on the property, which allows the production of 120.000 liters of wine.

The new winery consists of two long shaped buildings with sloped roofs. The form of the roofs imitates the surroundings hills and existing roofs, thus creating a landscape within the landscape. The manufacturing zone and cellar spaces are located underground, which offers the needed equilibrium of temperature and humidity. The fermentation hall opens to the North East and South West to take in the natural ventilation, which is critical for the verification process (CO2 emissions).

The office and storage spaces are located in one building separated from the existing house, whereas the tastings rooms and the cellar are located in the southern building which is connected to the country house, allowing a direct communication between the old and new building.  The connecting element is a glass passage. As a result the new architecture does not interfere directly with the old building.

Project team:  Stefan Juhasz
Type: Industrial
Site: Roses, Spain
Date: 2014.07